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Exhibiting: Michael Dolby

Exhibiting in his home city of Sheffield for the first time in twenty years Michael Dolby, resident Forum coffee drinker is displaying a selection from a larger upcoming exhibition 'The Disaster Captialism Show'.

Mike has commented on his reasons for exhibiting in The Forum:

I’m pleased to have my work on the wall in The Forum because you can tell art in bars is art, it’s easy. Sometimes in galleries it’s difficult to tell- is that a painting on the wall in the gallery, or an ironic reference to a sculpture by a video artist. Sometimes we don’t know. Art in a bar is accessible, which is good. It can reach a wider audience. We can look or not, without feeling uncomfortable.


The paintings exhibiting in Forum were created on raw, unprimed canvas with images that have been eroded and removed in an uncontrolled variety of processes that have left shadows and stains where an image once stood. With the heavy removal process also weighing into the structrual integrity of the pieces they were then mounted onto plywood supports which demand your eyeline against the Forum walls.

Mike said:

Now they’re out there, they’ll develop a life of their own in the image rich world, and how artworks perform once they’ve left the artist has always been a source of fascination for me. Once completed, I enjoy the sensation they are no longer anything to do with me and I’ve further encouraged that by not using my own name on work that I’ve produced. Until now, when circumstances have changed and I have a different set of priorities…

This selection from 'The Disaster Capitalism Show' will be exhibited in Forum until March 16th so make sure you don't miss it.

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