Cocktail o'clock

Here at True North we love a good cocktail - refreshing, boozy and often innovative, we're always up for trying new ones out, or bringing back an old favourite.

And because we're seasoned veterans of the post-work-Friday-night-Division-Street-bar-crawl (we all know that going for 'one drink' isn't ACTUALLY going to happen), we decided to spice up the cocktail menu at two of our venues situated on that very street.

The Common Room (yup, it's not just a place to watch the footie y'know!) is bringing back some classic cocktails with a twist, whilst The Old House is offering some of the craziest concoctions we've ever heard of - a cocktail with candyfloss, we hear you cry?!

Check out some of our favourites here:

The Common Room

[Top: Coconut Daquiri, left: Berry Crush, right: Mai-Tai]

The Old House

[Top: Raspberry Rabbit, Left: Magaluf 1974, Right: Bubblegum Blast]

See you at the bar!

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