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Don't miss the final food weeks of 2018

For anyone that's already attended one of our Food Weeks, you’ll be familiar with the incredible food served up by our talented chefs. For those who haven’t, you’re in for a treat! We still have three food weeks coming up before the festive season starts so be sure to keep reading and find out more about what's coming up.

Mussels Week

8th Oct – 14th Oct

The first of the three upcoming Food Week events will focus on everybody’s favourite shellfish. Using the finest Scottish mussels and locally-sourced ingredients, the talented chefs at our venues have crafted unique menus packed full of different flavours and ingredients.

Sausage Week

29th Oct – 4th Nov

This October will see the return of a True North favourite. Sausage week is the perfect chance for food-lovers to taste the best sausages from South Yorkshire. The menus will include a wide selection of unique recipes that showcase the very best homemade and locally-sourced sausages.