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Sheffield - based premium Gin brand, Sheffield Dry Gin have launched their Autumn/Winter range that includes two bottles of limited edition Gin and a liqueur gift pack that are available to buy on their online shop today.

Sheffield Dry Gin Autumn Winter Range

The collection, which is set to keep you warm this winter, sees the return of a festive classic, Spiced Fig & Victoria Plum. Whilst the newest limited edition, Navy Strength kicks things up a notch with its increased abv of 57%. Those with a sweet palate will enjoy the Sicilian Lemon, Chocolate Orange and Coffee & Vanilla liqueur gift set.

Best served over ice with premium tonic and a slice of fresh ginger, the £38 Spiced Fig & Victoria Plum Gin is a unique blend of warm botanicals and a fruity sweetness that drenches the palate in flavour.

Sheffield Dry Gin Spiced Fig & Victoria Plum

Described as full-bodied with bold flavour and subtly sweet undertones, the Navy Strength Gin costs £32 and is a steel city take on a maritime classic with added rock samphire and sea buckthorn.

Sheffield Dry Gin Navy Strength

The liqueurs Gift pack retails at £30 and combines a mixture of distinct flavours to compliment the range. Recommended serves are to place a shot of the Coffee & Vanilla into a coffee of your choice, make a luxurious Hot Chocolate by stirring in the Chocolate & Orange or serve the Sicilian Lemon chilled in a shot glass as a digestif following a filling meal.

Liqueur Gift Pack

Faye Jordan, Sheffield Dry Gin Sales Manager said “In the last year our premium Gins have continued to grow in popularity. We have now expanded the core range to include Sheffield Dry Gin Original, Moorland Berries, Raspberry & Pomegranate, Barnsley Dry Gin and Sheffield Vodka. The newest limited additions of Navy Strength, Spiced Fig & Plum and the Gin Liqueurs are perfect for the Autumn / Winter season.”

As with every spirit made by the company, Sheffield Dry Gin Ambassador, Chris Allan has created a signature cocktail called “Figgy Pudding” which is perfect for cosy nights.

Figgy Pudding:

50ml Sheffield Dry Gin Spiced Fig & Victoria Plum

150ml Fresh orange juice

2 Cloves

1 Slice of fresh ginger

2 tsp Dark muscovado sugar

2 Thick wedges of orange

Heat all ingredients up in a pan, then serve out into mugs when it is steaming away nicely.

Sheffield Dry Gin Autumn Winter Range

Sheffield Dry Gin Autumn / Winter range is available to buy at:

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