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Black Friday hits Sheffield!

Sheffield - based premium Gin brand, Sheffield Dry Gin have launched their annual Black Friday offer that includes £5 off any 70cl bottle of Gin or Vodka, available on their online shop today.

The collection which includes; Sheffield Dry Gin original, limited edition flavours, Sheffield Vodka and Summer Cup will all be available from just £19.

To keep you warm this winter, sees the return of a festive classic, Spiced Fig & Victoria Plum. Packing more spice on the nose and even more fruit on the tongue, this gin is beautifully reminiscent of traditional hot winter puddings. Best served over ice with premium tonic and a slice of fresh ginger, Spiced Fig & Victoria Plum Gin is a unique blend of warm botanicals and a fruity sweetness that drenches the palate in flavour.

Faye Jordan, Sheffield Dry Gin Sales Manager said “In the last year our premium Gins have continued to grow in popularity. We have now expanded the core range to include Sheffield Dry Gin Original, Moorland Berries, Raspberry & Pomegranate, Barnsley Dry Gin and Sheffield Vodka. And we are happy to share this fantastic annual offer to our customers.’

Sheffield Dry Gin is available to buy at:

Use code GINFIVE for £5

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