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Introducing the True North Curators Club

Have you ever wanted to find out exactly how your favourite gin is made or the different ingredients that are brewed into the colourful craft beers you see available in so many bars and micro-breweries? This year at True North Brew Co, we want to bring you into our world as we take you on a journey to discover the amazing facts and stories behind some of your favourite drinks.

Those familiar with True North will know how passionate we are about creating premium-quality products such as gin, vodka and beer. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the industry and always stay up to date with the latest techniques and popular trends. In 2019, we want to share this passion with our customers which is why we’re introducing our new Curators Club.

The aim of our monthly events is to share some of the incredible stories about the world’s most iconic drinks and explore the history of how they’re produced, where they came from and how they have evolved over the years. From Japanese whisky to German beer and everything in between, there will be plenty of knowledge to soak up throughout 2019.

In addition to expanding your knowledge, True North Curators Club offers a chance to socialise with fellow enthusiasts and develop your palate by treating your taste buds to a range of complimentary drinks and samples from the best distillers and brewers around the world.

Along with a roster of experts and brand representatives, our resident True North Gin Ambassador, Chris will host the Curators Clubs and share with you his extensive knowledge on everything from gin distillation to the ageing process of whisky.

To kick things off, we will be hosting the January Curators Club at two of our popular venues. This event will focus on Sheffield Dry Gin and will offer a closer look at how it is produced, where the ingredients come from and how the unique flavour is derived. You will also get chance to sample a few flavours from the range and enjoy a free drink.

Curators Club January | Sheffield Dry Gin

Mosborough Moor,


25th January | 7pm

Division Street,


31st January | 7pm


Curators clubs will be held monthly across participating True North venues and will cover a broad selection of themes. See our full list of 2019 Curators Club events below.

To book for any of the upcoming events call 0114 280 8222 or email

February | Japanese Whisky

Find out why the Japanese climate and culture has produced some of the world’s best spirits.

March | True North Beer

Learn what brewing excellent beer means to us and find out what goes into our beers.

April | Scottish Gin

Discover why Scottish gin is deserving of its own category.

May | Tequila

Celebrating this exceptional Mexican spirit on the beloved national holiday, Cinco de Mayo.

June | Yorkshire Gin

Showcasing the very best gin that Yorkshire has to offer.

July | Rum

Travel through history and learn more about the spirit has been influenced by multiple different cultures.

August | Bourbon

From Sour mash whiskies to American White oak, learn the nuanced details of this colourful spirit.

September | German Beer

In celebration of Oktoberfest, learn about the history of German beer and sample some of the best.

October | Coffee

Learn about the coffees grown in different climates while tasting some coffee cocktails.

November | Scottish Whisky

A detailed introduction to Scotch whisky from different regions around Scotland.

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