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Sheffield School of Gin has a new home!

Join us for Sheffield School of Gin, located above the True North Brewery on Eldon Street. You will learn all about the history of gin, develop a deeper understanding of botanicals and become an expert in garnishes.

The curator will assist you in developing your own blend to take home. The session lasts approximately 3 hours, during this time you will receive a Sheffield Dry Gin and Franklin & Sons tonic, one of our favourite gin cocktails and finish with the Curators choice cocktail at The Devonshire.

Please contact our bookings team to secure your session.

Saturday 15th June – 2pm

Saturday 13th July – 2pm

Saturday 17th August – 2pm

Saturday 14th September – 2pm

Saturday 12th October – 2pm

Saturday 16th November – 2pm

Saturday 14th December – 2pm

Advance booking only £70 per person and are issued with a 12 month expiry date from the date of purchase.

Meet the Sheffield Dry Gin distiller and find out what it takes to produce craft distilled gin on our beautiful copper pot. Pair your gin with Franklin & Sons tonic, garnished with a juicy wedge of orange. And explore the different varieties of tonic and garnish and discuss the importance of ice to the wonderful spirit.

Learn all about the history of gin and the different botanicals that can be used in making gin, then make your own.

You then get a chance to write your recipe using flavours of your choice. Whether you prefer floral, citrus, herbal or spicy notes, you will be able to blend your own harmonious gin. On approval from our gin curator, you will seal your 50cl bottle before adding a personalised label ready to take home.

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