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Hops & Honey is back and available for pre-order!

As a special treat to celebrate spring, we're bringing back one of our most popular editions of gin for a limited time only. If you haven't already tried this one, keep reading and find out how to pre-order it and add it to your collection.

Our expert distiller will be revisiting the old recipe to ensure that the gin has the same deliciously sweet flavour. Combining the sweet warmth of homegrown Sheffield Honey with the citric fruitiness of Bobek hops, Sheffield Dry Gin Hops & Honey offers a delicious balanced flavour perfect with different mixers.

Only 100 bottles of this classic blend will be made available and once they’re gone, they’re gone. The official release date is 16th March which is when orders will go out for delivery and collection. However, we’re giving our customers an exclusive chance to pre-order from 7th March directly through our online store.

The new gin will be available in 70cl bottles for £38 per bottle and can be ordered online for delivery or collection from Forum Kitchen + Bar. Visit

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