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A fruity new flavour joins the Sheffield Dry Gin range!

Attention all gin lovers! We’ve got something special for you this summer. We’re adding a fruity limited edition flavor to our line-up of exclusive premium gin flavours and it’s now available for pre-order.

Lovers of our delicious Sheffield Dry Gin will be aware of our recent releases but if you haven’t seen any of our 2019 limited edition releases, this is the perfect chance to jump on board the gin train and add a unique fruity flavor to your collection.

As part of our Year of Flavour campaign, we have released a number of limited edition gins including the fragrant Rose & Jasmine and our smooth Hops & Honey. This time around, we’re releasing a sumptuous new tipple to enjoy the tennis just in time for Wimbledon.

The tantalising new spirit creates an invigorating flavour, with a burst of fresh strawberry sweetness followed by subtle heat from the black pepper.

Sheffield Dry Gin Strawberry & Black Pepper officially launches on 1st July but is available from now to pre-order online. If you don’t want to miss out, be sure to reserve your bottle today before they’re all gone.

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