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Come and try The Old House's brand new menu!

Not only has The Old House been given a bit of a makeover, it's also been given a tasty new food menu to go with it!

Not veering too far away from the pub grub classics it's known and loved for, it also incorporates a few lesser known additions that are sure to set the senses racing.

Main dishes of our food menu.

Why not give the small bites a go; 2 for £10 or 3 for £14?

You can mix & match between: Beer battered white anchovies,Yorkshire pudding with potted ham hock and bone marrow gravy, crispy fried brie with pickled grapes, Manchester eggs, assorted bread, dips and olives or marinated cherry tomatoes on homemade focaccia with hazelnut romesco!

One of our small plates!

The infamous pies, sausages and fish & chips remain on the menu - there was never any chance of them making a disappearance!

There's also some amazing vegan options, including: vegan fish & chips, cauliflower, coconut and chana dal curry & vegan sausage.

More food off our main menu.

Like the sound of it? Check out the full menu here.

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