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4 incredible vegan alternatives

With Vegan Week right around the corner, the chefs at True North venues are getting their creative hats on and crafting some amazing meat-free recipes to tickle your taste buds.

More people than ever are going vegan and from 12th – 18th August is the perfect time for you to to experiment yourselves and try something new. We’ve put together a few popular alternatives and vegan substitutes so you’ll know what to look out for on our menus.


Those that have been vegan for quite a while may already know about this little trick but for anyone starting out on a plant-based diet, Aquafaba offers a great alternative to egg whites. Aquafaba is made by whizzing up the water from a can of chickpeas. It creates a great texture that’s perfect for things like meringues, sponge cakes and other baking recipes.


This incredible meat replacement is known for converting carnivores thanks to its ability to take on any form or flavour. From BBQ ribs to deep-fried nuggets, seitan is a versatile ingredient made from wheat gluten that has a meat-like texture, m