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2020 - a positive round-up!

2020, the year that had such a massive impact on all of our lives. As a company, we have been challenged, made to adjust, and we even closed the doors to our much-loved venues. Yet in all of the uncertainty, there were lots of positive moments and achievements across the business that we should all be proud of.

That's why I have decided to put together a positive round-up for all of the amazing staff at True North to look back at. (We have to celebrate the mini-milestones at a time like this).

Here are 34 successes of 2020.

  1. Three True North babies were born! We said hello to Felix, Reggie, and Grace.

  2. Our loyal customers went mad searching for the golden pie.

  3. In Spring, Sheffield Dry Gin Hops & Honey returned.

  4. True North at Home; our collection and delivery service launched to give customers a taste of True North Brew Co. at home.

  5. Dean and Alex made our own hand sanitiser with a World Health Organisation recommended formula.

  6. We welcomed new additions to the sales team as Emma, Lucy and Jay joined Larna and Laura.

  7. The Old House collaborated with Henderson's Relish on a new food and cocktail menu.

  8. The York celebrated their 10th birthday!

  9. A brand-new limited-edition gin flavour was made for the summer - Lemon & cucumber.

  10. Dean brought back Stones to Sheffield with the traditional cask recipe. Stooooones.

  11. Kid Acne collaborated with us on a limited-edition bottle of Henderson's Relish.

  12. Ian joined us as Finance Manager.

  13. We launched an 'order to table' app with Kobas.

  14. Dean made a 6% orange black IPA, called Relish.

  15. Fo