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5 reasons to get yourself a Pledge Card

1. 20% off everything, all day every day

Just £3 and use your Pledge card throughout the year and get 20% off at our 4 pledge venues. The Old House, The Common Room, Forum Kitchen + Bar and The York. But the benefits don’t stop there, having a pledge card opens loads of other advantages too.

2. The food

Get yourself an award-winning pie at the York or The Old House, including Vegetarian options. New to Sheffield? Cover that pie in Henderson’s relish and thank us later.

Fried chicken at the Common Room is just incredible, also becoming one of the most popular vegan haunts. Or grab a 16" pizza or enjoy by the slice at Forum Kitchen + Bar.

3. The drink

The Old House have a massive selection of gin, and when we say ‘massive’ we mean over 100!

Head to the York to try local craft beers and if wine is your thing then you will get a great bottle here.

The Common Room do some great bottled beers, kegged beers and cocktails.

The Forum Kitchen + Bar terrace the place to head with a cocktail or glass (bottle) of prosecco. Can it be warm now please? We are done with the cold.

4. The Fun!

Think quizzes, pool, 241 drinking and gin and jazz nights!

Join the Forum on Tuesdays from 8pm or the York on Mondays from 9pm. The Common Room have their quiz on a Monday alongside their 241 drinks to Pledge card holders only!

Fancy a party? Gin & Jazz at the Old House is a fantastic event, cheap gin and great music.

5. Reward points and vouchers

Build reward card points and get 5% off, birthday drink and vouchers throughout the year.

If you are in a society then you can link all your cards together and get money off society socials.

Get in touch with our sales team to discuss.


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