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Introducing Forum's new fire pit grill menu 🍗

Forum Kitchen + Bar has launched their new winter menu with rotisserie dishes straight off their fire-pit grill 🤩

Everything on Forum Kitchen + Bar’s winter menu is cooked on the newly installed grill, and means the whole menu is cooked without the use of electricity or gas – making their kitchen one of the most sustainable in Sheffield.

Grilled over Kameeldoring hardwood and whisky smoked chippings, diners can enjoy grilled half chicken, pork chops, and racks of ribs from the new rotisserie menu, as well as flame grilled burgers.

Head Chef Richard Setchell has a passion for Nordic analogue cooking, and is really inspired by Argentinian chef Francis Mallmann, who is famous for open fire cooking, and wanted to bring this sustainable way of cooking to Sheffield, using different types of natural woods to create distinctly different flavours in our food.

For Richard, the idea of having a fire pit grill is nostalgic. "The smell of food cooking over the burning wood brings back memories of being at my Nanna’s house when she used to cook over an aga".

If you fancy sharing with friends, try the burnt sticks and small plates… think tandoori chicken skewers, baked mac n cheese, and pulled beef brisket nachos galore!

Forum Kitchen + Bar is bringing Nordic Scandinavian food in a British style, book your table today.


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