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How to do Dry January in 2022

Dry January offers the perfect opportunity to start 2022 with a clear mind and begin a healthy detox from all of the Christmas booze. Cutting down on alcohol can still mean drinking well as we're rolling out a dedicated 'no and low' drinks menu in all our venues throughout January. It's a menu to suit those looking to cut down on their alcohol intake in the new year, or for people doing Dry January.

Our Group Beverage Coordinator, Miles has put together a delightful set of tasting notes to help you pick the perfect tipples that will see you through into February. Giving you the experience of drinking without suffering from a hangover the day after. You can even pair these drinks alongside our Veganuary food menus for the ultimate cleanse and we're also running a discount on food throughout January, read more about that here.

Miles' Tasting Notes

Guinness 440ml 0.0%

If you were to taste this with its alcoholic brother you'd struggle to differentiate. Best drunk when thirsty and looking for that quenched feeling... Dark ruby red as you'd expect, dark roasted malts and a near-perfect creaminess. I might never drink alcohol again after this... It's really, very good. Best paired up with a bold red meat dish.

Lucky Saint 330ml 0.5%

Brewed under the German purity laws, Lucky Saint is an extremely refreshing unfiltered lager with a good body, flavour & character. Perfect with our fish and chips!

Big Drop – Paradiso Citra IPA 0.5%

Brewed by the ex-Head Brewer from Wild Beer, Paradiso Citra IPA is big on flavour. Brewed with Citra, Columbus, Simcoe, Cascade & Chinook hops, citrus flavours radiate through finishing with a refreshing bitterness akin to a west coast IPA style. This beer has won countless awards and has more flavour than most alcoholic craft beers...

Big Drop – Galactic Milk Stout 0.5%

A rich, unctuous and decadent stout brewed with Cacao nibs and lactose. Definitely a staff favourite and just perfect on its own or paired with a chocolate pudding.

Big Drop – Pine Trail Pale 0.5%

As we've come to expect from Big Drop, Pine Trail is a full flavour light pale ale, showing limey citrus and a thirst-quenching bitter finish. This beer has won loads of awards and it's a great replacement for a "session beer" - low in calories too so perfect for a January get together...

Maisel Weisse Hefe-Weissbier 0.5%

The main problem with alcohol-free wheat beers is they don't taste anything like their alcoholic counterparts... Well, blow that notion out of the water. Big banana flavours and a full body this beer is exceptional. Countless awards and marketed as an isotonic sports drink so off you pop for a lap around the block...

Fruh Kolsch 0.0%

The first-ever 0% Kolsch style beer with no alcohol! Brewed in Cologne, Germany, Fruh Kolsch is an extremely crisp and clean lager style.

Mikkeller Drink’in the sun 0.3%

Brewed in Denmark by the wizards at Mikkeller this 0.3% pale ale packs in the flavour. On the nose is herbs, peaches and apricots with a palate of soft peaches & grapefruit. Afternoon in the pub with a good book and a tasty beer? Yes, please!

Flensburger Raddler 0.0%

No Dry January list would be complete without a fruity sports beer... Esteemed German brewery, Flensburger, have created the perfect January drink. Normally go for a Shandy? We got you!

Codorniu Sparkling Wine 0.5%

We've never focussed our efforts on alcohol-free wine as frankly, we've never tasted any decent ones. That is until now... This lovely sparkling wine has earned its place on our list with its fresh tropical fruit, apple and citrus flavours with a lovely effervescent mouthfeel. You can still celebrate in style without the hangover.

AperLol Spritz

Picture the scene - It's a cold and dreary January afternoon, you've promised yourself no booze. Your mind wanders from a past holiday to a red-hot Tuscany. High up in the hills, overlooking the med with an Aperol Spritz in hand. Oof that's refreshing... We're pipe dreaming... Only I notice that my favourite True North venue has non-alcoholic AperLol Spritzes... Closes laptop and runs to the pub, orders Spritz... Grazie Mille

This low and no-alcohol drinks menu is available at all True North Brew Co. venues; Forum Kitchen + Bar, The Old House, Common Room, Riverside Kelham, The Punch Bowl, The York, The Old Grindstone, The Horse & Jockey, The Waggon & Horses, The Broadfield, The Blue Stoops, The British Oak, The Milton Arms, and The Crown & Anchor from Wednesday 5th - Monday 31st January.

Share your Dry January visit with us on socials. Tag @truenorthbrewco to feature on our stories.


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