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International Women's Day - Meet Krissie Petfield

This International Women's Day we're celebrating some of the amazing women who make up True North.

Today we meet Krissie Petfield, Marketing Manager at True North.

How long have you worked for True North?

Almost four years, and I've worked in the hospitality industry for thirteen years.

What is your favourite thing about working at True North?

I really enjoy the scope of projects that the marketing team experience. Each day isn't the same and it's ideal for our creative minds.

What does International Women's Day mean to you?

To me, International Women's Day means celebrating the achievements of the women around me and those making positive changes beyond my reach.

What challenges do women face in the hospitality industry?

Gender inequality and women in leadership roles.

Why do you think diversity in the workplace is so important?

It helps to aid business decisions and evolve services and processes that are inclusive for all.

How could you contribute your wisdom and expertise to empower other women, both in the hospitality industry and out?

In the past, I have spoken to students as a guest lecturer at colleges and universities. This is something I will always continue to do as it may inspire a young person to choose a career in the hospitality industry and to even take on a leadership role. I also champion the women that I work with by celebrating their skills and successes on a regular basis.

Is there anyone who inspires you in your career?

My colleague Lucy has worked for True North Brew Co. for almost 11 years. Lucy originally worked behind the bar at The Common Room and has developed all the way up to Head Office where she is now the Gin Sales and Events Manager for two gin brands; Sheffield Dry Gin and Leeds Gin.

Lucy didn't go down the traditional route of university, instead, she has worked super hard to learn everything that she knows. This inspires me because there's not really a department Lucy hasn't experienced and that makes her a pretty knowledgeable, and integral part of the company.

If you could have dinner with three inspirational women, dead or alive, who would they be and why?

My 14-year-old niece, Isabelle. She set up her own business creating macramé decorations whilst continuing to be a high achiever at school. She's learned everything from scratch and I'm very proud of her.

Marie Curie is an incredible scientist who is partly responsible for the development of radiotherapy which is used to treat illnesses. I'd love to have a good chat with her and show her what her legacy has achieved.

Beyoncé - because not only would I love to have a dance with her afterward – she's one of the most empowering women of my childhood.


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