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Introducing Leeds Gin; premium gin, handcrafted in small batches

The concept is simple; Leeds Gin is no-nonsense, straight-talking gin. Since our acquisition of the company, Leeds Gin has seen a re-invigoration of the brand, from ingredients to design to create a proper premium gin.

The core range is made up of three gins, all using local ingredients and expertly crafted recipes. Original Leeds Gin is created with traditional botanicals, steeped with Yorkshire rhubarb, ginger and agave for the expert taste of the renowned spirit. Next comes Leeds Gin Apple + Blackberry has hints of green apples and a handful of fresh blackberries for a revitalized flavour. Leeds Gin Strawberry + Raspberry complete the range, using heaps of strawberries and raspberries for a sweeter taste.

An added bonus of the all-new Leeds Gin? The limited edition gins, experimenting with exciting new flavours to spice up the range. First-up, Parma Violet; infused with violet flowers creating a nostalgic flavour that will have you reminiscing.

And it gets better as Leeds Gin is available to purchase online, to be delivered direct to your doorstep for you to enjoy!