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Mother’s Day: The Sheffield guide to treating your Mum

Despite coming round every year, Mother’s Day can still creep up on us. So this year we're here to help with our Mother’s Day guide to give your Mum the day she deserves – not a reduced for quick sale bouquet in sight!

The Gift

Sheffield Dry Gin Rose & Jasmine – 70cl

Flowers are great, they smell nice and look fantastic. But you know what’s better? Gin. You know what’s even better than that? Combining the two, and Sheffield Dry Gin have done just that. Sheffield Dry Gin Rose & Jasmine is the latest addition to the Limited Edition range, bringing together the beautiful flavours of pink rose petals and jasmine flower and infusing them with premium Sheffield Dry Gin, offering a bouquet of subtly sweet floral flavours.

You can pre-order Sheffield Dry Gin Rose & Jasmine from 8th March and it is available to buy from 18th March.

The Devonshire’s Gin School and Food Pairings