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Sheffield Floradora | Cocktail recipe

Celebration Gin is best served over lots of ice, Indian Tonic Water and an orange wedge. But if you want to turn this premium gin into a summertime cocktail, then follow our cocktail recipe.

Using raspberry as a lovely summery lift and lengthening the cocktail with fiery ginger beer, we've brought this classic 1950's cocktail up to date with a Sheffield Twist!

Sheffield Floradora

Sheffield Floradora


50ml Celebration Gin 35ml homemade raspberry, cardamom and ginger syrup 10ml supasawa Top with fiery ginger beer!

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To mark 30 Years of Us, True North Brew Co. has released this Celebration Gin, a Sheffield Dry Gin original with a special edition label created by renowned artist, Rob Lee. Peel back the colourful design to reveal more information about this special collaboration. Use the limited edition Rob Lee design as a piece of artwork, or reseal it back onto the bottle to brighten up your drinks trolley. Rob Lee is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work uses pattern, repetition, and abstraction to explore the concepts of perceived reality and illusion. @roblee_art To find out more, please visit:

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