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Give Veganuary a go with True North

It's that time of year again! Time to put down the Christmas turkey and give meat-free a go.

We've got a bevy of delicious vegan dishes for you to try this Veganuary, kicking off on the 9th of January - keep reading to find out what we've got in store this January...


Forum is no stranger to vegan dishes - they've perfected their chargrilled aubergine, teamed with vegan Mac 'n' Cheese - it's the perfect Veganuary treat.

Punch Bowl

Passing through Crookes? Pop into the Punch Bowl and give their vegan burger a go. Made of a lightly spiced mix of green beans, peas, and spinach - all coated in herb-flecked breadcrumbs.

The Crown & Anchor

While away a chilly January evening in the cosy The Crown & Anchor, with dishes especially for Veganuary, you can't go wrong!

The Crown & Anchor is getting a head start on Veganuary, kicking off on the 7th of January.

Common Room

Common Room is coming in swinging with their Mockin' Bird - a homemade southern fried chicken alternative, made from a closely guarded seitan recipe it scratches that itch for fried chicken- without a single chicken in sight.

The Broadfield

Photo Credit: Timm Cleasby Instagram: timmcleasbyphotography - taken from The Sheffield Cookbook: Back for Thirds

Famous for their pies, The Broadfield is whipping up a delicious vegan pie for you this month - paired with a perfectly pulled pint, it's the ideal Veganuary combo.


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