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World Gin Day is a global celebration of all things gin and essentially gives you the chance to raise a glass to one of our favourite tipples! At True North Brew Co., we distil Sheffield Dry Gin in the heart of the city centre. Today is a great opportunity to rave about gin and share our signature cocktail recipes.

To help you celebrate, we've put together a guide to our core ranges with a discount to get you 10% off a bottle of Sheffield Dry Gin! Work your way through the list below and don't forget to tag us in your concoctions.



An intriguing blend of fennel, cardamom and gentian root creating a herbaceous character and smooth flavours.

42% vol | 70cl £37 | 50cl £28


Moorland Berries

Hints of dark berries to the fore, blackberry and cranberry with hints of blueberry coming through on the finish.

40% vol | 70cl £38


Raspberry and Pomegranate

Sweetness on the palate, well-balanced with subtle but flavoursome hints of juniper.

42% vol | 70cl £38



Refreshing and light, bursting with tangy flavours of Seville oranges & Marmalade.

40% vol | 70cl £38


Strawberry and Black Pepper

A burst of fresh strawberry sweetness followed by subtle spice from the black pepper giving this gin a crisp, dry finish.

40% | 70cl £38


Old Tom

Sheffield Dry Gin distilled with liquorice Nipits from Simpkins.

42% | 70cl £38


Have a look at the complete Sheffield Dry Gin range, including gift sets and our limited-edition flavours here.

Join in with our #WorldGinDay posts on socials.



At the checkout use the code 'WORLDGINDAY' for 10% off 70cl bottles of Sheffield Dry Gin.



Did you know that we have released a Celebration Gin featuring a special edition label by renowned artist, Rob Lee?

Peel back the colourful design to reveal more information about this special collaboration. Use the limited edition Rob Lee design as a piece of artwork, or reseal it back onto the bottle to brighten up your drinks trolley.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Chief Medical Officers recommend that adults do not regularly drink more than 14 units a week. If you are pregnant, it is safest not to drink alcohol. True North Brew Co promotes responsible drinking Sip, don't gulp. For more facts, go to:

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