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Karaoke with Character at The Old Grindstone!

Two young men singing karaoke

The Old Grindstone have launched their brand new private karaoke rooms - one decked out in 80s memorabilia, and the other in 90s relics.

The Old Grindstone is renowned by local music lovers, and are known for their popular monthly karaoke nights, so creating a space for private karaoke pods upstairs seemed like a no brainer.

The bottom of two microphones with stickers that say 90s

Nick Bax, Director of Human Studio, worked on a special exhibition for the space titled 'A Musical Snapshot: 1970 - 1999' to show how important the visual representation of music was before it took an increasingly digital form.

He said:

"In my work as an artist, designer, and creative director, I have been involved with the music industry for over 30 years and witnessed how the packaging of recorded music has evolved from vinyl sleeves, cassette boxes, compact disc cases, and mini-discs to postage stamp sized digital covers."

A frame holding album covers by 80s artists as part of the ‘A Musical Snapshot: 1970 – 1999’ exhibition

"Regardless of the canvas - from cardboard, to plastic, to screen - the image remains and becomes inseparable with the music that it represents."

The toilet walls have been plastered in brilliant images from cuttings of original music magazines from the 1970s - 1990s including NME, Face, ID, and Smash Hits and are inspired by the nostalgia of cutting out features about our favourite bands and sticking them on our bedroom walls in decades past.

The toilet walls at The Old Grindstone plastered in classic music magazine cuttings

Many people remember Crookes for the fantastic drinking spot it was back in the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

The Old Grindstone is a great pub full of personality and we've taken it to the next level with the attention to detail involved in creating our karaoke with character.

Two women singing karaoke with a food platter and fishbowl cocktail on the table in front of them

A must visit for music lovers, the private karaoke rooms are available to book 7 days a week and feature a state of the art karaoke system for belting your heart out to karaoke classics, whilst admiring 'A Musical Snapshot: 1970 - 1999'.

Each room holds up to 15 people, with food and drink packages available.

The Old Grindstone also has a 70s themed function room for hire.

Book your next night out now at The Old Grindstone.


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