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Shake up your December with our Brand New Cocktail Masterclass!

Say hello to our newest experience, the Forum Cocktail Masterclass 🍸🍹

Taking place in the Forum Kitchen + Bar, we’ve partnered with Tanqueray and Ketel One to bring you the best cocktails in in Sheffield!

This two hour long experience is designed to educate and entertain you. Our talented and knowledgeable cocktail experts will prepare a welcome drink of your choice before guiding you through a skills demo for another drink of your choosing - they’ll teach you to shake, stir, or build depending on your cocktail of choice!

Now you've got the skills, there's two challenges to test your new found cocktail making knowledge!

First up, we'll be covering your eyes for our blindfolded martini challenge, where you'll attempt to make one of the country's most popular cocktails all whilst blindfolded 🙈🍸

Next up it's time to go head to head with your group, in the Tanqueray gin mojito race 💨 who can make the fastest gin mojito? Only time will tell 😏

So grab your friends, colleagues, hens and stags, and book onto our cocktail masterclass for an afternoon or evening guaranteed to be a good time!


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