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Sheffield Dry Gin Announces Exclusive Limited Lime and Thai Ginger Gin

A bottle of Lime & Thai Ginger by Sheffield Dry Gin

Makers of Sheffield's first distilled and bottled gin, Sheffield Dry Gin, have launched a refreshing citrus flavoured tipple in time for Summer. The limited-edition - which complements the company's core range of premium gins, including; Moorland Berries, Original Sheffield Dry, Marmalade, Raspberry & Pomegranate and Strawberry & Black Pepper, is available to order today.

Head Distiller at Sheffield Dry Gin, Dean Hollingworth said, "We have combined fresh limes with the warming, sharp flavour of Thai ginger to create a citrusy, refreshing summer gin.

"It’s best served with Indian Tonic water, slices of lime and ginger, over lots of ice.

"As with all our gins, we used only the best locally sourced ingredients and traditional distilling methods to craft Lime and Thai Ginger, a sumptuous spirit that doesn't compromise on quality."

Tasting notes describe the gin as having a sharp lime flavour followed by subtle warming and piquant ginger on the palate for a full-bodied, crisp finish. It will make the perfect garden party beverage for those taking advantage of the sunshine. Or you can order a bottle as a gift for a friend.

Sheffield Dry Gin Lime and Ginger is available in 70cl, 20cl and 5cl bottles and has been limited to a run of only 100 which creates a perfect opportunity for gin connoisseurs and fans of the brand to add a rare edition to their collection of premium gins.

It is available to purchase now via the online store or in person at the True North Shop in Forum's Arcade on Devonshire Street, Sheffield.


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