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The Sheffield Half Pint Marathon returns for its eighth year!

The Sheffield Half Pint Marathon is back for its eighth year, with a host of new venues to try and a new route to give a go!

Kicking off on the 1st of September, the Half Pint Marathon is a month-long celebration aimed at giving people a chance to contribute to a great local charity, support independent local businesses and explore our wonderful city, all whilst drinking beer.

1st -30th September 2023

Half pint marathon 1st - 30th September

This year we've teamed up with Abbeydale Brewery this year to bring you two delicious special edition beers, especially for the event. 'Set The Pace' and 'Tempo' will be available in all participating venues and with each Half Pint Marathon beer purchased throughout September, a donation will be made to Sheffield Mind.

The premise of the Sheffield Half Pint Marathon is simple - at the starting venue of your choice you will receive your Half Pint Marathon card, then for each venue you visit and purchase one of the speciality beers, you will receive a sticker.

We've worked with the incredibly talented Will Rea (follow him on Instagram: @willustration) to create a limited-edition Sheffield Half Pint Marathon print, featuring hand-drawn illustrations of the participating venues, which you can collect once you've filled your Half Pint Marathon card!

Make sure you've registered to find out more about when and where you can collect your limited-edition print.

You can complete the marathon at your own pace, in a day, week, or even over the whole month.


Head to the Sheffield Half Pint Marathon webpage to find out more, and follow along on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for all the latest updates.


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